HR Policies

The Williamson Trust HR Policies and Procedures

The Williamson Trust operates a common set of procedures across all academies in relation to HR. Policies are reviewed by the Trust on a regular basis and procedures are only reviewed where a change in legislation initiates a change or there is a change in policy driven by the Trust.

All procedures are subject to a consultation process with the recognised trade union and professional associations. Consultation with staff and local academy representatives will take place within each academy following recommendations from the initial consultation round.

All procedures will refer to Headteacher and where academies have a Head of School the job title should be read in that context. Reference to Academy will be deemed to be the Academy which is defined as the employee's place of work.

All of the Policies below are available from your Director of HR, Mrs Lorraine Mottram.

  • Capability Procedure

  • Code of Conduct

  • Disciplinary Procedure

  • Drug and Alcohol Misuse Procedure

  • Grievence and Harassment Procedure

  • Leave of Absence Procedure

  • Managing Sickness Absence

  • Performance Management Associate Staff

  • Use of Internet & Social Networking

  • Family Friendly Procedures

  • Equality and Diversity Procedure

  • Recruitment and Selection Procedure

  • Redundancy and Restructure Procedure

  • Whilstle Blowing Procedure

  • Appraisal Procedure

  • Pay Procedure

Policy Statement

The Williamson Trust exists to promote outstanding educational experiences that inspire all learners to set their sights high, to achieve to the best of their abilities, and to excel in all that they do in order to prepare them to live and work as successful, active citizens.

The Williamson Trust recognises that its employees are a significant resource and that all staffing matters should be conducted in accordance with legislation and with guidance from Government.

The Trust intends that all staff will be treated fairly and equally. An HR professional will write and maintain a suite of procedures. Local governing bodies will apply the procedures in the first instance to staff employed at their school, and The Trust will apply the procedures to those people employed directly by the Trust.

Monitoring arrangements LGB. Each LGB will monitor and evaluate the procedures in action, at least annually, and report any instances where a procedure has led to poor outcomes for Review arrangements.

The policy statement will be reviewed annually by the Trust. The procedures will be kept updated by the HR professional at all times in accordance with legislation, and changes notified to the clerks to LGBs.


The procedures above have been updated to:

  • Harmonise different versions of previous Medway procedures across the Trust where the local governing body have yet to adopt the latest version eg Disciplinary Policy
  • Make legislative changes to existing procedures eg Pay Policy and the calculation of leadership pay
  • Replace existing Medway procedures with a procedure which is better fit for purpose eg Recruitment and Selection Procedure
  • Update existing procedures to take account of different circumstances eg Discretionary Leave Procedure has been renamed Leave of Absence Procedure and includes leave for fertility treatment, foster care.
  • Introduce new procedures as a result of new legislation eg Shared Parental Leave which is included within the Family Friendly Procedure.

Mrs L Mottram
Director of HR