Meet the SJWMS BBC Team

Hi! I am Eugene, and I am 17 years old. I am in 12 Castle and share the role of Editor-in-Chief with Miss Fox. Out of all the skills that School Report requires, I pride myself in the ability of my writing and my research. In the first year of BBC School Report, I wrote many articles, covering the US Presidential Election, the school’s efforts in Sport Relief as well as the wider effect of Sport Relief, and the potential implications of North Korea’s nuclear bomb tests. However, I have also filmed several videos for certain reports. Most of all, I am interested in reporting on everything to do with international relations, seeing what changes are happening across the world and what they mean for our country, and specifically our school.

DownloadHello my name is Martin and I am 13 years old. My House Is 9 Thetford – the best form. I started when I was in year 8 and I really enjoyed it a lot I got to interview many different people like Greg James who came on the sport relief day, I am so lucky that I got to do this. So because of this my main role is chief interviewer which I personally think is a big part of a news report. In the recent report I did with the school it was great fun as well as really hard work! We had to make sure we were all in time with each other which I think was the hardest thing on the day. My favourite genres of news is politics because I think that is a big part of the world right now and the community and online community we live in for example new technology that may be coming out.

Hello.  My name is Samuel (Sam for short). I am 12 years old meaning I am in year 8.  I am in the mighty house of 8 Thetford. My role in the school report team is the sports article writer.  I have had no formal experiences but i am really good at English, and write a lot at home and at school.  I am interested in reporting on sports, politics, and maybe tech, but mostly sport.


Hi I'm Toby. I'm part of the amazing 9 Thetford and I'm 13. In school report, I would consider my main job to be an interviewer but I also edit videos too. I have quite a lot of experience in editing for I make videos and post them to YouTube. I also like participating in the school drama productions which are put on twice a year


Hello, my name is Haadi , I am 13 years old and am part of the form group 9 Thetford. I am the chief creative director. This means I work with editors to help design how the video looks (either it be the transitions or how they will be put together). My experiences include camera man, interviewer and article writer from year 8 BBC School Report. I am interested in reporting in things that are long-term, predictions and huge events that had happened not too long ago.


Inline image 1My name is Louis and I'm year 9 Thetford.

I'm the Editor, I've been making videos for all sorts of things, my proudest being the upcoming meeting of a community park with an edited montage of the park. I've also done some YouTube for over a year and uploaded things such as mini edited clips such as montages to fully fledged videos. I use professional Adobe softwares and like the feel of creativity when put in front of a blank project.

I've put a few contributions down before including ‘is gaming really bad for you?’ (which was one of the focuses in an episode of our school report).

I mostly like the free will of editing, there's never really a limit, and so don't really mind what the material is I’m working on. If anything i like to report on something current that affects groups of people for example. For example ‘how is gaming affecting the younger generation’.

Download Hello my name’s Ryan and I'm 12 years old. My house is 8 Bridge. I started my journey through BBC School Report in year 7 but now my current role in the team is Chief Story Border and that means before any one goes out to interview or film they have to come to me, so that I can make sure that it is all planed out. My previous experience in reporting are that I was in School Report last year and that I went to the Guardian to create a professional front cover of a newspaper. I personally would be interested in reporting on Donald Trump and whether or not he makes a good president for not only the sake of America but for the sake of the world.

Hi, I'm Jesse from 9 Thetford. I am 13 years old.  I am new to the team and would like my role to focus on my being a presenter, interviewer or editor. I have had experience in all of these fields because I attend a drama club that also does TV and film. I am also confident speaker if I know what I'm going to say., my name's Harvey. I'm 13 year old, and from 9 Thetford, my current role in the team is to be on top of what everyone is doing and to decide the news order.  I enjoy this role a lot as I love to keep things organised, and make things flow well, or in other words: I love it when a plan comes together. Initially I was an editor, when I applied for the first time in year 8, and I believe that I worked well in the area. This year I am taking on a different role, of which I am very excited about. 
In the past I have worked on many articles and videos for the practise and real news day and sports relief, and we had to opportunity to visit The Guardian where we created our own articles which looked like newspaper front pages, I chose to write an article on Bed Blocking.
If I could report on only one thing, it would have to be politics. I personally really enjoy politics and find it captivating at times, although admittedly boring at others.  However, the conversations started by politics, and the things influenced by it make for some excellent articles.

Hi my name is Raheel. I am 11 years old and am part of the sportiest house 7Gordon. I would like to be an interviewer for the report team. I have not had any formal experiences at interviewing but I am a very good speaker and i am confident.



Hi, I'm Charlie E. I am in Year 9 and I'm 14 years old. I belong to the best house of the school, River and I have played many games for the school, in sports such as Cricket and Rugby. My role in the School Report team is sports video editor/writer. I have lots of previous experience editing videos because I run my own Youtube channel, where I upload regular content. I am interested in making videos around sport, and am really looking forward to working with such a great bunch of people!


DownloadMy name is Liam, aged 14 years old and in 9Th, and I am the overseer of the newer reporters within the BBC school report team, which means I am there to help out the newer members in whatever way I can find possible, including helping set up software and talking about their ideas. I have a lot of experience in photo editing and writing, and have been the proof-reader of numerous articles from this year and last year. I have also featured in numerous reports as a presenter and tried to work behind the camera whenever i can. I am interested in reporting in anything political or about the technical explanations of newer technologies

Our other reporters include Charlie B 9River and Luke B 8Castle.