Posted on: September 27th 2016

The 1701 Society


Information on how to join the 1701 Society

Monday 19th September 2016

Dear Parent / Guardian,

Re: Launch of the 1701 Society

Friday the 16th September 2016 saw the launch of the 1701 Society, so named because of the date of Sir Joseph Williamson’s bequest which led to the formation of the school shortly after.  The launch of the Society was marked by some former School Captains visiting the school, some for the first time in many years.

Mr. Waterman, School Captain in 1952 was joined by Mr. Bower (1955), Mr. Gissing (1968), Mr. Rouch (1982), Mr. Bradley 2009 and our three most recent school captains, Mr. Morel (2015), Mr. Carnell (2016) and the current incumbent Harvey Hughes of Year 13. With them, pictured below, are Mr. Costello the Chair of Governors and Directors, Mr. Marsden, a Director of the Trust and old boy of the school, Mr. Cotton a former student, as well as myself.


The 1701 Society is principally an association for our alumni in which we are asking for a regular financial donation so that the current students can enjoy the same exceptional facilities that former pupils have.  However, it is not limited to ex-pupils of the school and anyone who holds the school in sufficient regard to make a regular donation is welcome to become a member.

My purpose in writing to you today is not particularly aimed at soliciting your membership although we would be delighted if some parents wished to join.  It is more to ask for your support in publicising the launch of the 1701 Society to anyone you feel may be interested.  Perhaps you have older siblings of children currently at the school or are in contact with others who have been to the school or had children who have been at the school.  Any assistance in circulating this information will be very gratefully received and clearly the more people who receive this message, the more members we have and the more funds will be generated, every penny of which will go into your son’s / daughter’s education at the school.

Attached to the email in which you received this letter is a leaflet with the full details of the Society, including how to join it.  I would thank you in advance for your support in spreading this information to all those associated with the school.

Yours sincerely,

E. Hodges