Sixth Form

All Year 12 students choose 4 AS Levels (600 hours) from the following subjects (each AS Level comprises of 150 learning hours throughout the duration of the course – this is 5 learning hours per week per subject).Mathematics.

In Term 6 all Year 12 students begin the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) (120 hours = 40 Guided learning hours + 80 independent learning hours).

Once the AS results are known Year 13 students have the following choices;

·         To remain studying 4 subjects to A Level (600 learning hours) and complete
           their EPQ

·         To remain studying 4 subjects to A Level (600 learning hours)

·         To cease studying one subject (450 hours) and complete their EPQ


In addition to their AS/A2 subject choices there is a compulsory requirement for all students to choose at least one option from either the Performance Academy or Recreational enrichment options. These ensure all Sixth Form students can confidently pursue their interest(s) outside of academic study.

The Performance Academy options allow students to excel, working towards musical grading, dramatic performances or 1st team school sport representation.

The Recreational options allow students a period of exercise and introspection to act as a healthy balance alongside the rigours of AS and A Level study.

Where space is available students may opt into more than one Performance option, Recreation option or a mixture of both Performance and Recreational options. This means that a 1st XV rugby player can also continue to learn the piano, or work towards a school dramatic production, within normal school hours, allowing them additional time outside of school to work towards their academic success.

A full list of performance and recreational options is as follows;

Performance Options
  Recreational Options
(all 1 hour/week)
Rugby Academy (3 hours)   Swimming
Music Academy (up to 3 hours)   Basketball
Drama Academy (up to 3 hours)   Badminton
Netball Academy
(1 hour up until Feb half term)


Table Tennis
Hockey Academy (1 hour)   Tennis
Cricket Academy
(1 hour from February half term)
    Ultimate Frisbee