Attainment & Results


In terms of the government’s new key school performance benchmarks, in the summer of 2016 100% of Year 11 gained an A*-C grade in Mathematics and English GCSE’s, and the average grade per GCSE course taken by the students is a B++.

Over half of the 172 youngsters were awarded five or more A*/A grades, giving rise to some exceptional individual performances. More than a quarter of Year 11 gained 8 or more A*/A grades.   

Pleasingly, this year saw the proportion of A*/A grades being awarded reach over 45% once again. In the new benchmark ‘Progress 8’ measure, the school achieved +0.16. 

The ‘Attainment 8’ measure, average pupil achievement across 8 qualifications, including English and Maths and at least 3 other English Baccalaureate qualifications is 66.19, a very high score and in line with last year.

The proportion of students gaining at least a C in the Ebacc group of subjects was 86%. 

The highest individual performances were recorded by Sean Shirley-Smith who achieved 11 A*, 2 A’s and 1 B, closely followed by Eugene Gurin who gained 10 A* grades and 3 A’s. Matthew Chen gained 12 A* grades, giving him the highest average grade. Jack Beany achieved 3A* and 10 A’s, while Amrit Attra and Michael Tomaschek both secured 11 A* and 1 A, giving then the second highest average grade. Jacob Coulson and John Morley gained 9 A* and 3 A’s, while Richard Adamson gained 9 A*, 2 A and 1 B grade. Makhan Notay obtained 8A* and 4 A’s.

Overall, 31 students gained an average grade of an A or higher. 51 students avoided any grade lower than a B.

A Level

At A Level 39% of all grades awarded were at A* and A level, up 4% from last year, while 66% of all grades secured by these senior students were at A*-B level.  

26 students, 18% of the year group, gained 3 or 4 A*/A grades, up from last year. 5 youngsters secured 3 or 4 A* grades alone.

The average points per entry, a measure of the average grade per qualification, is 236.5, the highest ever achieved by students at the school.

Remarkably, 61 students (43% of the year group) avoided any grade lower than a B, the same proportion as last year. 

A key benchmark is the proportion of students gaining at least AAB in two facilitating subjects, which this year is 28% of Year 13, up from 24% last year.

The Russell Group and Oxbridge university hopefuls from the school had particular cause for celebration.

The top performing student with 3 A* and 1 A grade this year is Daniel Thorpe, on his way to Bath to study Pharmacy , followed by Amrik Bains (Warwick, Mathematics), Thomas Chaplin, Alfie Crust (Cambridge, Natural Sciences) and Samuel Durling (LSE, Economics) who all secured 3 A* grades. James Mistry (Leeds, Mathematics) gained 2 A* and 2 A grades, while Jack Bryant (Reading, Accounting and Business),  Lewis Craven (Surrey, Mechanical Engineering), Caitlin Gilmore (Oxford, Geography), Dominic Kiralfy (UCL, Law) and Nicholas Wills (Bristol, Mechanical Engineering) all gained 2 A*and 1 A* grade. Ryan Mamun gained 1 A* and 3 A grades, and will go to Oxford to read Medicine. Guy Taslic secured 1 A* and 2 A grades and will study History at Cambridge.

The AS results obtained by Year 12 students are also the best ever recorded.  A superb 38% of grades were at A with 61% of grades A-B, both figures the highest ever. The APS was 116.5, again the highest in the school's history.

GCSE 2016 Ebacc

GCSE A*-C English and Maths

A Level 2016 A* - B